Ventilation is Vital

Rectangular air vent on a turquoise painted wall.

Look up, to your left, right, behind you, or maybe even at your feet? Chances are you are currently near a vent. They are all around our home, carrying air from room to room and keeping you comfortable.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. You are likely familiar with heating and air, but what exactly is ventilation? The reality is that without proper ventilation neither warm nor cool air will be able to provide comfort to your family.

HVAC systems blow air through the ducts built into the walls of your home and that air is then distributed into our home’s rooms through vents. The air in your home is then recycled through return vents and the process begins again..

HVAC Maintenance

The first step in ensuring your home is getting proper ventilation is to ensure your main system is working properly. Doing simple checks to ensure there is no dirt, dust, plants or other substances interfering with the system is a great place to start. Another tip is to listen to your heating and air system while it is running, making notes of any unusual noises.

Aside from personal check-ins with your HVAC system, professional maintenance work is crucial in getting the most out of your system. Trust a business like A/C Control Inc to annually run diagnostics on your system and perform tune-ups as needed.


It is easy to forget about the part of your system that you do not see. Your ductwork may not be visible during your day to day routine, but it does have a huge impact. Ducts are the passageways for air to enter and exit rooms which means any issues within the ducts creates a problem in the air flowing into your home.

Ducts can accumulate a large amount of dust, pollutants, and allergens. Although a properly cared for system will have filter changes, overtime particles will still pass through and slowly build up in the ducts of your home.

If there is enough buildup, the passageway for air will begin to close off and negatively impact how air is entering your home. That being said, scheduling routine duct maintenance and cleaning will positively impact your home’s ventilation


The last part of the journey before air can enter your home is passing through vents. Ducts lead to different vents within your home to ensure air is being evenly distributed throughout the house. Vents are a helpful way to understand if there may be an issue with your HVAC system or within your ducts.

If you notice your vents are consistently collecting dust and dirt, that may mean your ducts are dirty and trying to pass the debris through the vents. Similarly, if you are noticing no air coming through one or more of your vents, or the temperature that is coming through is incorrect, a problem may be occurring at the HVAC source itself.

Even a well maintained and working system may create occasional dust, so don’t forget to add dusting and wiping down your vents to your cleaning to-do list.

Your home is a safe haven from the bitter winters or hot summer days, but without clean and functioning ventilation you may not be getting the best possible airflow and you could be wasting money on high energy bills without any reward. A/C Control Inc is here to help ensure your HVAC system is working its best. Contact us today!

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