6 Reasons Why You Should Leave AC Repairs to a Professional

HVAC technician repairing a homeowner's AC unit.

We’ve all run into the common air conditioning problems in our homes, such as warm air coming from the vents when the AC is running. While some problems are a simple fix, like realizing the thermostat was set incorrectly, other issues are a bit more serious that require professional attention.

Even if you consider yourself a jack of all trades, here are a few reasons why AC repairs should be left to the professionals.


First things first, you need to prioritize your safety. There are various parts that make up an AC system that you don’t want to cause further damage to if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. Just like anything in your home that runs on electricity, you need to be mindful of electrical shock as AC units can run on high voltages.

Complex Parts

It’s not exactly easy to diagnose the problems with your AC. While a quick filter replacement might be what you need to fix the warm air coming out of your vents, there are often times where your AC needs more than a regular cleaning or filter replacement.

Being able to figure out exactly what’s wrong with your system and which parts need repair or replacing is very complex. That’s why you should always call A/C Control Inc to come out and inspect your system. We’ll be able to diagnose the problem and figure out exactly what your AC system needs to have it back up and running.

Quick and Efficient

When your AC system isn’t working properly, it’s a very frustrating feeling and you want the problem fixed right away. If you try a DIY at home, you will most likely take longer trying to identify the issue and fix it than an HVAC technician would. There’s also a high chance that you could cause further damage, which will result in even more issues and higher repair costs.

Our team at A/C Control Inc is made up of highly trained professionals that are able to quickly identify HVAC problems and provide lasting repairs.


It can be very dangerous handling refrigerants as there are many chemicals involved. If you believe the reason your AC isn’t working is due to low refrigerant levels, do not try to fix this on your own. You must be qualified to handle refrigerant and suppliers will only sell refrigerants to certified technicians. Leave this problem to the pros to ensure the safety of you and your household.

Technicians Are Certified...YouTube Isn’t

We’ve all had our days where we look up tutorials on YouTube for things like “How to Clean White Sneakers” or the common makeup tutorials. While YouTube is very convenient for videos like these, it isn’t certified in AC repairs and replacements. We understand how tempting it can be to search anything online in terms of how to fix parts to your AC system, but you will spend more time researching and trying to figure out every little detail than you would if you called your local HVAC company.


Why try to fix the problem yourself if you aren’t experienced in the area? HVAC technicians have years of experience and they know what they’re doing! Always trust the experts when it comes to HVAC repairs. You’ll save yourself time, money, and energy by calling A/C Control Inc at (310) 907-8277 to come take a look at your system.

If you’re having trouble with your AC system and you don’t know where to start, our team at A/C Control Inc is here to help! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Trust us, no one wants to suffer in the summer because of a broken AC.

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