Why You Should Invest in Preventive Maintenance

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Your HVAC system is one of the most important pieces of comfort in your home. Whether it’s keeping you cool in the summer or warm in the winter, you’ll want it operating at peak performance.

Enter preventive maintenance, the easiest way to ensure your unit(s) performs well year-round.

Save on electric bills

A faulty HVAC system - even one that seemingly works well and keeps your house at the right temperature - can be costing you more money than necessary if not maintained properly. If you don’t replace the filter often enough, debris, dust, or other particles can build up and block the normal flow of air. This makes the machine work harder by using more energy to get the same results. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, just replacing a dirty filter can save between 5 and 15 percent of energy for your HVAC unit. You should aim to replace the filter every month or two while in use.

Outdoor units are often exposed to dust, trees, leaves, dirt, and more. Keeping foliage a safe distance from your unit will help reduce the debris that enters and allow the right amount of airflow. The cleaner and more efficient your system is, the less energy it takes to operate - that saves you cash!

Extend the life of your unit(s)

Not only does regular maintenance help with the day-to-day operations of your HVAC system, it can also extend the lifespan of the unit(s) itself. A new central air conditioning system can cost homeowners thousands of dollars to install, while window units are much less expensive. But still, no one wants to shell out a large sum of money when there are simple steps to keeping your unit in service longer.

If your machine is leaking refrigerant (the chemical in the unit that helps the air come out cold) it will eventually lose all its cooling power, meaning you’re paying to have a super-fan blow warm air in your home. Having a technician check for leaks will help prevent this problem or discover it before it becomes worse.

The worst thing that could happen is for your system to break down and be unusable. Similarly, HVAC systems are interconnected, so keeping an AC , heater, and other elements functioning properly will ensure the rest continue operating. Even if the network doesn’t fall apart completely, the cost of repairs could increase if regular maintenance isn’t sustained.

Your entire home will benefit

An HVAC unit(s) doesn’t just keep people comfortable, it is one of the most important appliances in any home. Regular maintenance of your unit(s) will ensure it runs safely and smoothly. Electrical faults in a system can cause issues when not taken care of, and is a possible fire hazard. And keeping your unit(s) working efficiently will help reduce air quality issues throughout your home.

Easy fixes for whole-home health

  • Use a window seal if you have a window unit, and make sure the seal grips both the window frame and metal edge of the unit. Open areas can create moisture or allow air to escape. Insulating all areas of the home will ensure the heat stays in and the cold stays out, or vice versa.

  • Cover the outside portion of your AC unit(s) in the winter, or remove it completely. This will help prevent the elements from entering the unit and causing issues.

  • Checking the drain lines and drain pan will help make sure water doesn’t accumulate in the unit, potentially causing damage.

  • Make sure your heating thermostat is turned off when not in use, as to not waste any energy or money. Or if using a combination, a programmable thermostat is a great way to keep your home at the optimal temperature all year.

When to hire a professional

Naturally, there are some parts of maintaining an HVAC system that a homeowner just can’t do themselves. Even if it's a simple part, calling an HVAC professional can help make sure the job is done right. If it’s more than just cleaning a filter, a professional can help assess any current and potential problems that would impact your system. They’ll look at electrical connections, capture possible refrigerant leaks, check motors and belts for efficiency, and more. Technicians can also advise you on how your specific needs should be handled and what updates you could make on your own.

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