Flu and Allergy Season Have This in Common

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During the winter and spring months of each year, millions of Americans are affected by the inevitable seasonal virus, as well as uncomfortable springtime allergies. More than fifty million Americans are affected by seasonal airborne allergies each year, making that an eighth of the total population. Each year, more and more people are becoming affected by seasonal allergies, meaning that air quality, both indoors and outdoors, is becoming exceedingly more important to understand and control.

Flu Season

With the onslaught of this novel Coronavirus, we find it to be an especially critical time to pay close attention to HVAC systems, both in residential and commercial buildings. The overall air quality of our interior atmosphere should be on everyone’s mind during these unprecedented times. The changing of the season and the ensuing climate temperatures, as well as unfortunate air pollution, can make the severity of colds worse. Most HVAC technicians agree that catching your heating and cooling issues before they become a health risk is the best way to prepare for the winter and spring. Essentially, the fall is perhaps the best time to have your air quality systems inspected, maintained and cleaned in efforts to effectively prevent respiratory illness and missed work or school days heading into the winter months.

When it comes to maintaining healthy indoor air quality, this is not something that household residents can or should try to tackle on their own. A lot of people assume that airing out their homes during the day or setting up air purifiers is solution enough. While these methods of air purification aren’t the most pragmatic, they can have some small effect. Yet, the larger contribution affecting air quality comes from within a home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling systems and ducts. Being that HVAC systems are quite complex and typically difficult to even reach, these systems are potentially very dangerous to inspect and work on. Therefore, maintenance and repair work should be left to the professionals. A great HVAC team will quickly assess your ventilation system by inspecting the current conditions that may be contributing to poor indoor air quality. Looking for issues such as excessive moisture, dust, and chemical compounds are common practice during inspections. Find a reputable, certified Air Conditioning Repair In Los Angeles or other such Commercial HVAC Companies to do the job, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of maintaining clean air throughout your home all winter and spring long.

Considering the viral spread of the Coronavirus, and with a growing number of government-mandated Shelter-In Place orders being issued, indoor air quality is of utmost importance. To be able to collectively defeat this virus, our homes must be clean and safe, ensuring our respiratory systems don’t become compromised, and more taxed than they already are. People who suffer from respiratory issues are the most affected by this pandemic. New research from Johns Hopkins has shown that poor air quality can make colds worse. Both cold viruses and indoor/outdoor air pollutants trigger the body to release inflammatory agents. The effects add up, and recovery can take longer, and in some cases, become fatal. To ensure you and your family is safe, call an AC Repair Los Angeles California as soon as possible to strive for health amid this trying time.

Allergy Season

Living with stuffy, dirty air and poor ventilation is already uncomfortable enough. Then bring allergies into the mix, and you have a full-blown respiratory catastrophe. For those suffering from seasonal (or yearly) allergies, small triggers such as poor indoor air quality can have extremely harmful effects on overall lung health. Good HVAC contractors hired to do routine maintenance on your systems will work to maintain indoor humidity levels around 50%. High humidity encourages the growth of mold and microbes which can cause major respiratory complications such as threatening asthma attacks and ceaseless irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Too low a humidity level is known to cause dry eyes and painful sinus issues. By staying on top of all your HVAC needs, you’ll set you and your family up for health that stretches year to year. Tackle yearly allergies by crafting an indoor sanctuary of clean air everyone will enjoy.

At A/C Control, the leading Los Angeles Commercial HVAC company, we provide top of the line service for all of our clients, no matter the project size or limitations. Safeguard your family against the flu and allergy season during this taxing time by scheduling a technician visit from us at A/C Control. We provide quality at a cost that you can agree with! Visit our website for more information or call us at (310) 907-8277 to book an appointment for your commercial HVAC needs.

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