Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air Quality Amid COVID 19 Crisis

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This global pandemic has brought upon us many new obstacles to conquer, fears to face, and routines to adopt. One of the largest changes we have collectively been faced with is spending an unprecedented amount of time at home. Whether we are surrounded by roommates and family or living out quarantine in solitude, home has prompted many of us to reevaluate our lives and our surrounding environment to an unavoidable extent. For many, spending so much time indoors has unveiled the truth about our indoor air quality. While most residences are home to a plethora of allergens, irritants, and bacteria, these irritants tend to go unnoticed throughout the year as we spend so much time out of the house, be it at work, school, social functions, or exercising.

Yet every year, millions of Americans suffer from asthma, seasonal allergies, and lung issues due to a poor indoor environment. Being unaware of the many harmful indoor air pollutants, such as dirt, debris, cooking particles, pet dander, mold, chemical exposure, and dust, residents put themselves at risk of developing more serious health issues. That’s why seeking help from HVAC technicians to carry out routine maintenance, cleanings and checks is an integral part in creating a healthy home environment. With the current pandemic sweeping the globe, health experts encourage residents to carefully consider these factors while spending the majority of time indoors. Being that COVID-19 is an airborne virus, it is exceedingly helpful to understand air circulation, HVAC maintenance, and how to achieve optimal indoor air quality. Heading into summer, here’s what you need to know about air contamination.

Cycle in Fresh Air

Typically, older homes are categorized as “leakier” meaning that they allow more unwelcomed airflow from outdoors to indoors, and visa versa. Compared to newer homes that tend to be a lot more airtight and well sealed, these older homes allowing increased flow are actually healthier given the current circumstances, as our health relies on fresh air circulating throughout our homes. In general, try to keep windows open for the better half of the day to continuously circulate fresh air into your home. Ceiling and window fans are helpful if there is somewhere for the old air to travel to. If the weather doesn’t permit open windows, consider keeping the bathroom vents running more often, as well as the kitchen hood, to cycle out stagnant air.

Maintain Healthy HVAC

During the Coronavirus pandemic, perhaps the most crucial home maintenance you can stay on top of, is your home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Call your local HVAC contractors to schedule an appointment to evaluate your home’s indoor air quality, conduct routine cleaning, including a deep clean of your ducts and vents, and to see whether your systems are functioning as optimally as possible. Additionally, while heading into the quickly approaching summer months, you’ll want to ensure your home is prepared for the onslaught of all-encompassing heat so you and your family can relax in comfort. Call a Los Angeles Air Conditioning Repair company to stay on top of your HVAC needs. As an added benefit, having these issues checked out ahead of time can save you a ton of money on electricity and energy costs down the road.

Maintain a Clean Environment

By keeping a clean home, you can safeguard everyone inside from potentially harmful pollutants, allergens, and bacteria that can cause serious health issues. Some ways to stay on top of your home’s indoor air quality are:

-tackle mold issues early on

-routinely vacuum/sweep the floors, rugs, and carpets to eradicate dust mites, dirt, and pet allergens such as dander and hair

-purchase fragrance-free household products and switch from heavy chemical cleaners to safer organic, non-toxic brands

-opt for non-toxic, non-flame retardant furnishings, as the chemicals in flame retardant clothing and furnishings “have been found to be toxic to humans, and are associated with neurodevelopmental problems in children and altered thyroid function in pregnant women.” according to Dr. Weil of Balanced Living.

With all of these considerations, you can maintain a healthy indoor environment to ride out this pandemic, prepare for the incoming summer heat, and decrease your chance of developing allergies and other related health issues. As the leading Los Angeles Commercial HVAC team, A/C Control is well known as the top heating repair company and HVAC maintenance company in the Los Angeles area. We provide top of the line service for all of our clients, no matter the project size or limitations. Schedule a technician visit from us at A/C Control. Providing quality at a cost that you can agree with, we are available and excited to discuss your options and our services! Visit our website for more information or call us at (310) 909-4814 to book an appointment for your commercial HVAC needs.

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