Health Benefits of Installing A Quiet Cool Whole House Fan

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After months of COVID-19-induced quarantine, isolation measures, and government-mandated shutdowns, we are now just beginning to experience retail shops, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses begin to open their doors to the public once again. While for some, this is an exciting transition and evolutionary step in the pandemic timeline, it appears as though the world as we know it will not be going back to normal just yet. Many of us will continue working from home, ordering food in, and furthering attempts to reduce our exposure to the virus by staying indoors. Because this crisis has shown itself to be more of a marathon than a race, it is important to consider our collective indoor environments and how we can ensure that our interiors are serving us and not detracting from our health and wellness in the upcoming months. One of the most important factors in achieving an optimal indoor environment, is the air quality that we surround ourselves with. Especially important while this virus prevails, is maintaining indoor air quality continuously in order to clean, filter, and optimize.

With summer quickly approaching, most of us will begin using our air conditioning systems at taxing and unprecedented levels as we continue to spend most of our time indoors. Without question, throughout some states in the U.S., air conditioning is an absolute necessity during the hot summer months that tend to feel all-encompassing and energy-draining. However, for those who live in coastal cities or enjoy more relaxed temperatures, the need for air conditioning might not be as crucial as we think. Luckily, the groundbreaking QuietCool Whole House Fan system makes it a total breeze to circulate indoor air thoroughly, effectively, and without the high cost of air conditioning. If you live in a town wherein air conditioning in a non-necessity, it's time to look into QuietCool.

What Is Quiet Cool?

QuietCool is the world’s quietest and most energy-efficient whole house fan system. This system effectively removes polluted and stale/stagnant air from inside the house by drawing it up into the attic to release it back to the outdoors, all while continuously replacing it with fresh outdoor air drawn in through open windows. Simple as that. What’s more, this fan dramatically slashes monthly/yearly electricity bills by up to 90%. QuietCool cools your house quietly with fresh and clean air, guaranteed.

Health Benefits

By continuously filtering out stagnant air, this QuietCool system ensures that the interior environment of your home is perpetually being filtered and recycled with fresh air. This is so important during the Coronavirus crisis, as existing within a polluted indoor environment has become one of the most dangerous side effects of being inside all day. The dangers of the airborne virus spreading indoors are already a weighted concern, but also taking into consideration the harmful pollutants that exist indoors, it becomes clear that indoor air quality should be a top priority for everyone. Pollutants such as pet dander, mold, dirt, dust, chemical exposures like fire-retardant off-gassing from furniture, old paint, and chemical cleaners are all cause for potentially very serious health effects and the development of illness, allergies, and sensitivities. Without fresh air continuously filtering these pollutants from your interior environment, you wind-up absorbing these irritants and inevitably damaging your health and the health of your loved ones. Consider these dangers when tackling your residential HVAC needs.

By getting in touch with your local Air Conditioning Service Los Angeles you can easily schedule routine cleanings of your air ducts, vents, and HVAC systems to ensure healthy indoor air.

COVID 19 requires extra care and consideration of our environmental exposure. With all of these considerations, you can maintain a healthy indoor environment to ride out this pandemic, prepare for the incoming summer heat, and decrease your chance of developing allergies and other related health issues. As the leading Los Angeles Commercial HVAC team, A/C Control is well known as the top heating repair company and HVAC maintenance company in the Los Angeles area. We provide top of the line service for all of our clients, no matter the project size or limitations. Schedule a technician visit from us at A/C Control. Providing quality at a cost that you can agree with, we are available and excited to discuss your options and our services! Visit our website for more information or call us at (310) 909-4814 to book an appointment for your commercial HVAC needs.

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