Cooling off With the Installation of New Commercial Equipment

Before, during, and after install.

A/C Control, Los Angeles’ heating and air conditioning pros, has the expertise to handle your commercial air conditioning installation no matter what size the job is. We have technicians with over 20 years of commercial HVAC experience and we provide professional HVAC services to Los Angeles companies of all sizes.

A/C Control was recently contracted to install 5 new commercial air conditioning systems and while you can watch a time-lapse video of it below, take a minute to read everything involved in order to get a better understanding of what this commercial HVAC project truly entailed.


A/C Control’s in-house engineers ensured Title 24 compliance, structural engineering (so the A/Cs which weigh 1000 lb each do not fall through the roof)and heating and cooling load calculations were correct. After coordinating with a client-provided third-party to have the proper engineering performed, initiated local building permits, Title 24 documentation, planning project management and coordinating with our highly skilled technicians to install the major equipment:

  • 4 new Carrier 3-phase, 5-ton rooftop packaged heat pumps
  • 1 new Carrier 3-phase, 7.5-ton rooftop packaged heat pumps


Each and every commercial HVAC installation is different, unique in various ways, and we ensure that we customize our scope of work accordingly.

For this client, in addition to the commercial air conditioning installation of the new Title 24 compliant units, we had further responsibilities. These included project engineering and coordination with city offices for building and safety permits as well as for the inspections for electrical, roofing, structural engineering, Title 24 reporting compliance, and local compliance requirements.

To get these 5 commercial HVAC systems on the roof, we were responsible for not only getting them delivered to the job, our scope of services included the project management of selecting the right crane for the job, getting it to the site, cutting the roof for the ducts, setting the roof curbs (A/C platforms), and getting the units set properly in place.

A/C Control also had to ensure that all installed equipment met EPA requirements and Rosemead Municipal Code. Furthermore, we were required to complete the project within the State of California C20 contractor’s license requirements and limitations.


As promised, you can watch a short time-lapse video to see our HVAC experts inaction on this project, but for more information on how A/C Control can help with your commercial air conditioning installation or other commercial HVAC services, you should visit our website.

Of course, as you’d expect, our professional HVAC services include heating and air conditioning maintenance, preventative maintenance, repairs, replacements, sales, and installations. However, A/C Control can set up zoning systems, giving you independent control of the air temperature in each area of your home or building, as well as provide regular servicing of your ventilation systems, install and maintain your heating, chillers, water heaters and more!

As a local family-owned and operated business, we truly live by our reputation. We not only strive to exceed your expectations for our quality of work, but we can also provide you the best HVAC equipment prices because we’ve spent years cultivating close relationships with the best heating and air conditioning manufacturers available.

Callus today at (310) 907-8277 to set an appointment or to hear more about A/C Control and our HVAC services in Los Angeles. You can also see and hear more about some of our other recent projects in our virtual showroom.

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