What Is a Smart Thermostat and Why Should I Use It?

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If you haven’t heard the term already, it’s only a matter of time, as Smart Thermostats are currently dominating the green energy market. As a relatively new face in the eco-conscious appliance sector, this innovative, money-saving, temperature optimizing technology is not only groundbreaking- its well worth it. If you’re like the thousands of others still wondering whether upgrading to a Smart Thermostat is well worth the cost, you’re not alone. For all of your unanswered questions about these new helpful gadgets, read on.

What Do They Do?

Air Condition and Heating in Los Angeles can be relatively expensive compared to other U.S. States, with the extreme weather fluctuations experienced during the summer and winter months. During peak summer heat months, most Angeline are running their A/C non-stop during expensive daytime hours. In the winter, because most Southern California homes aren’t equipped with fireplaces, in most homes, the thermostat is set in the high 70’s, resulting in a hefty monthly energy bill. When we get thermostat trigger-happy, the fluctuations can draw a ton of unnecessary energy and tax our HVAC systems. Smart Thermostats are essentially a built-in regulator that you can control and program through your phone as well as the typical wall mount. This practicality can be extremely helpful in potentially costly situations such as forgetting to turn off the heat before leaving the house for work, or worse- leaving for a vacation. Even the simple desire to arrive at home to a cool house rather than enter into a boiling room makes the Smart Thermostat an obvious home upgrade.

Relative Savings

The main concern expressed by prospective buyers mostly seems to be about cost. People want to know if it’s a worthy investment, or if the savings don’t justify the few hundred dollar initial investment. So far, all conclusive information gathered on the subject, including user testimonials, points to these products being financially worth it. With a starting cost of only about $100-$250 for the Smart Thermostat, you can expect to see that return within your first year or so of use. Half of the average American utility bill comes from heating and cooling alone. That’s quite a large margin, one that could be significantly whittled down with the right technology. Some households have reported savings of up to 23% on their heating and cooling costs with installation of the Smart Stat. As one of the best commercial heating replacement Los Angeles servicers, we can tackle any job regardless of size, and are happy to help install a Smart stat system into your home or place of business.

Understanding the Smart in Smart Thermostat

So what does a Smart Thermostat really do? Well, it does a lot more than the typical wall-mount thermostat we’re all accustomed to. Not only does this technology allow you to adjust the indoor temperature from the palm of your hand (via phone app), but it also begins to recognize patterns in your usage, desired atmosphere, time of day the home is most inhabited, and it works within your unique preferences. Not only does it tailor its use towards your learned habits, but it will also remind you to schedule routine vent cleanings, safety checks, filter swaps, and various other problem-solving reminders. It can learn complicated control schedules and personalized usage after just one week!

The Smart Thermostat is not just an energy and money saver, its a step towards environmental awareness and making a concerted effort through simple home improvements to exist in a greener home. We don’t have the luxury of carelessness anymore, the time is now to act, and introduce these energy-saving technologies into your house.

At A/C Control, the top Los Angeles Commercial HVAC company, we value green improvements and integrate energy-saving features and solutions whenever and wherever we can. We provide top quality service at a cost that you can agree with! Visit our website for more information or call us at (310) 907-8277 to book an appointment for your commercial HVAC needs.

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