The Importance of HVAC in Hospitals and Medicine

Technician working on a unit outdoors.

The invention of air conditioning (and heating) has dramatically changed the livable conditions of our indoor lives- from residential homes to stores, office buildings, and perhaps most crucially- with hospitals. Due to the increase in demand for A/C, heat, and temperature control across all industries, our understanding of HVAC systems and their design has evolved exponentially. This is a trans formative industry wherein it’s technicians, services and engineers must be constantly updated on the latest systems, innovations, and safety measures to improve overall indoor life quality. Let’s examine why it is so important for large commercial buildings such as hospitals to invest in a top-rated HVAC company for all heating and cooling needs.

Indoor Air Quality

So, why is it increasingly important to have trustworthy, knowledgeable HVAC technicians work on Commercial Heating Replacement Los Angeles, as well as commercial ventilation service Los Angeles? Not only are these systems complex, very difficult to install and keep running smoothly, but they also require routine health and safety checks and cleanings. Consider the potentially damaging health risks associated with dirty HVAC systems pumping in filthy air to hospitals. Patient’s immune systems are presumably already taxed and weakened from their standing health issue, and furthering that taxation could have serious health consequences. Regardless of temperature, air quality is a crucial aspect of a patient’s recovery and overall wellness.

Patients with allergies and people sensitive to particulate and debris experience extreme discomfort and sometimes pain when exposed to these allergens. It’s important to have a great HVAC team servicing commercial buildings who will pay close attention to these hazards and conduct thorough vent and duct cleaning, and ensure there are no faulty screens and filters within the system.

Temperature Control

Before the widespread use of air conditioning, patients were much more likely to die in hospitals of overheating during the hot summer months (especially in the Southern States such as Louisiana and Mississippi where humidity and heat reach intolerable degrees in the summer months). It wasn’t until the early 1900s that air conditioning began to sweep the nation as a necessary staple of every hospital. Studies performed by American researchers found that the chances of dying due to extreme heat have decreased by more than eighty percent over the last fifty years due to the widespread use and improvement of air conditioning. This shows how crucial indoor temperature regulation has become in all areas of life. Working with the experts in commercial HVAC repair Los Angeles will ensure a healthy and sustainable indoor atmosphere for everyone to enjoy and thrive in. Without critical temperature regulation keeping hospitals cool in the summer and warm in the winter, patients would undeniably suffer. An unsafe environment could certainly cause patient conditions to worsen and reach life-threatening levels.


The vast field of medicine is arguably one of the most highly benefited industries of the invention of air conditioning. Significant medicine formulations and groundbreaking cures are only made possible due to cool temperatures within indoor laboratories.

“The monitoring of temperature sensitive areas to maintain a constant, regulated state of control for products affected by temperature changes is critical for proper medical laboratory operation from a quality perspective.” -Joseph G. Keary, MS, MBA (Medical Lab Management)

This identifies that the overall quality of laboratory services and procedures are undeniably dependent on the integrity of the substances and mixtures for use in chemical analysis and media used throughout the lab. All of these reagents are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations and extremes. Additionally, most equipment requires to be run within specified temperature ranges in order to operate within regulation.

“If there are fluctuations in the environmental temperature, equipment calibrations can become invalid and will need to be re-run. Due to the critical necessity of maintaining specific temperatures during both active testing operations and static storage or transport, the methods by which that maintenance takes place must be targeted, effective, and perpetual.” -Joseph G. Keary, MS, MBA (Medical Lab Management)

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