Entering Into 2020 Greener, Cleaner and Leaner: Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

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With the change into the new decade, there are lots of benchmarks to celebrate. Entering into an exciting and forward-thinking global atmosphere, we take a look at some valuable measures and changes to our overall environmental impact. First, we witnessed Greta Thunberg lead millions in the largest climate strike the world has ever seen. We’ve been discussing climate change for millennia now with little action taken and less policy initiated. Yet sadly but predictably- we have arrived. We have arrived at the point in human history where we can no longer deny and repudiate the taxation we have placed on our beautiful planet. With an overwhelming slew of environmental issues experienced and those yet to come, coupled with species extinction, water pollution, and grey skies- the time has come to do something about it. Therefore, energy efficient air conditioning is a necessity.

There has been a dramatic move towards implementing green government policy and weaving regulatory laws and prohibitions of harmful materials into the fabric of our legislation. These restrictions are intended to check and evolve the industries that pollute the most. One of the largest contributors to Global Warming and overall pollution is the Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) industry. Luckily, many HVAC businesses are jumping on the green train not only to appeal to market demands but also because they see the importance and value in making the transition to clean energy and environmentally forward practices.

We at A/C Control are proud to be a part of this infectious green movement. Here is how we are leveling up with the eco-forward practices, products, and intentions.

Updating Refrigerants

Lucky for us and the planet, R22 (a very toxic hazardous waste material in virtually all HVAC systems the past millennia) was nationally banned starting January first, 2020. The existing R22 gas is an ozone-depleting substance that once released into the atmosphere reacts with the ozone layer, causing significant damage. As of January 1, 2020, you can no longer buy, sell or distribute this harmful material. Because of this, and due to our deep understanding of the irrevocable strain this product has already placed on our planet, our company has updated and evolved its methods and products. We decided on a replacement for R22 that is a true drop-in replacement, that does not require meticulous clean out of the existing system. Simple standard maintenance procedures are of course carried out. Yet with our chosen product, there is no major job necessary. Many A/C companies run ads giving discounts for replacing the entire system, but we can still fix them legally. Additionally, If there is an existing leak in the system, it could be that the refrigerant filter needs to be replaced. A reasonably simple fix. This saves a lot of money and technician time.

Smart Thermostats

A/C Control recommends smart thermostats as part of energy efficient air conditioning. We want your systems to be running as efficiently as possible, and your pockets to stay as full as they can. That’s why we encourage the installation of smart thermostats- these thermostats allow the user to remotely control the home’s temperature via mobile or internet-connected devices. This unique capability allows for convenient operation, offering greater control of heating and cooling, and thus, energy savings. This green device is a life-saver for the home-owner or renter that left on vacation forgetting to turn off the thermostat. This once costly mistake is now avoidable. Commercial offices and places of business are increasingly switching to smart thermostats because they realize that a lot of employees tend to tamper with the thermostat, costing the company a lot of money and valuable resources. You will be amazed by this wonderfully forward-thinking solution and an obvious win all around.

Commercial HVAC Economizers

HVAC economizers are a very good device for Southern California and providing substantial energy saving. Essentially, this system measures the outside temperature and if it meets the thermostat setting temperature, it draws in outside air. This prevents compressor from running, which reduces your HVAC energy consumption by a large margin. For commercial projects, this is a main element of energy efficient air conditioning. Often, when replacing air conditioning and heating in Los Angeles, most companies will install an economizer only if it’s over 5-tons (which is governmentally mandated). We at A/C Control will install this extremely useful technology on commercial systems, even under 5 tons. This is because we can see the undisputed benefit it has on lowing overall energy consumption and cost.

Providing all of these innovative HVAC practices, products, and systems, we at A/C Control proudly serve the greater Los Angeles Area. We even teamed up with LADWP to issue rebates on commercial projects for companies switching to green practices and systems. As one of the top A/C Repair Los Angeles California, we are committed to providing a service you can feel great about and ensuring that your home or place of business has made the necessary evolution to the green movement. Make yourself greener, cleaner, and your environmental impact leaner. Visit our Site to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives and start the eco transformation today.

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