8 Heating Tips for the Holidays

A Warm Home this Winter

Ways to Stay Warm all Winter Long

The holidays are looking different this year. Many of us are staying home in order to minimize exposure to COVID-19, so feeling comfortable indoors is more important now than ever. With heating bills being one of the highest monthly expenses that homeowners face, finding ways to keep your warm air in will not only help you feel cozier but also save you money. Our team of heating specialists at A/C Control Inc are sharing some quick and easy ways you can help keep heated air in your home.

  1. Insulate your space: Hot air rises and if your attic is uninsulated, you could be losing up to a quarter of your heated air out of your roof. Throwing down some insulation will help keep your space warmer, longer.
  2. Monitor your humidity: Dry air doesn’t hold heat as well as air with a degree of humidity in it, so keep an eye on your home’s humidity levels. If it is below 30%, it might be time to install a humidifier. You can easily find single-room or whole-home systems.
  3. Schedule a heater inspection: A dirty or malfunctioning heater will not perform optimally, costing you more on energy bills, without the benefit of a warm space. Scheduling a professional inspection can help catch small issues before they turn in to major breakdowns.
  4. Install a smart thermometer: Don’t waste hot air when you aren’t around to enjoy it. Installing a smart thermostat allows you to program your heater from your phone to better suit your needs.
  5. Bake something delicious: From festive holiday cookies to large family dinners, utilizing your oven will boost the heat in your home in no time. Once your baking is done, keep the oven door ajar to allow the radiant heat to fill your kitchen.
  6. Seal up potential openings: While cracks in your door or window might not seem like a big deal, even small openings can leak hot air out and siphon cold air in. Luckily, most hardware stores will carry caulking and weather stripping so you can better seal your home.
  7. Flip the switch on your ceiling fan: This might seem counterintuitive, but flipping the switch on your ceiling fan and running it on low will help pull hot air down where you can enjoy it.
  8. Utilize space heaters for hard to heat rooms: Even the most advanced heaters can have trouble heating an exceptionally large or uniquely shaped space. Strategically placing a space heater in these rooms will help you feel warmer no matter where you are.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and need expert heating advice, give our HVAC specialists at A/C Control Inc a call at (310) 907-8277.

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