Why Use A Whole House Fan

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You may have already heard of it, but in case you haven’t, we’re excited to introduce the latest and greatest addition to home cooling technology. While many prepare to invest in yearly air conditioning expenses in order to make it through the grueling heat of the summer months, others are turning to a leaner, greener technology. Tired of paying exorbitant rates to electricity companies, and feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? Perhaps it’s time to set yourself apart from the rest and invest in a Whole House Fan System. This effective home cooling system requires very little energy usage and virtually no antifreeze or other such cooling agents known to air conditioning units. Below, we’ll examine all of the fantastic features and benefits of this exciting new solution.

How it Works

This fan works exceptionally well during key months of the year and requires very little personal maintenance. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

First, open a few windows anytime it’s cooler outside than inside, such as in the morning and in the evening. Then turn on your Whole House Fan by setting the speed and the timer depending on your home’s unique needs. After it turns on, your whole house fan will effectively pull the cool, fresh air from the outside into your home and up towards the attic, while simultaneously releasing the hot, stale, and stagnant air trapped in the attic into the atmosphere. Your home will become cooler, healthier, and more comfortable for everyone to enjoy within minutes.

The Benefits of A Whole House Fan

The initial selling point for many is the sheer joy experienced with this ultra-quiet design. This innovative technology makes such little noise, most aren’t able to detect it’s even on and cooling to perfection. Gone are the days of noisy, disruptive household fans or air conditioning units that drive us insane with their incessant humming. With this practically silent system, you’ll love staying indoors any hour of the day.

What’s more, this system requires no external air conditioning/ cooling system in order to function, therefore, it can save your household between 50-90% in energy costs per month. Using 90% less energy than a compressor-based air-conditioner, this system utilizes the natural outside temperature and works with the natural environment rather than against it. This way, households will no longer need to rely on noisy, expensive HVAC systems to achieve a desirable indoor air temperature.

The benefits of bringing fresh, clean air into a home to replace stagnant, stuffy air is huge, especially during peak allergy season in the months of spring. Furthermore, with the current COVID-19 Pandemic sweeping the nation, most of us are now required to spend an unprecedented amount of time indoors along with our families or housemates. The need for clean indoor air has become exceedingly important. Similarly, for those who experience seasonal allergies, indoor air pollutants can be a catalyst for irritation that triggers an uncomfortable and dangerous allergic episode. By filtering out old air, and bringing in clean fresh air, you can lessen your chances of atmospheric irritation and safeguard yourself and your loved ones from a taxed immune system or the onslaught of allergies. 

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