Why Customers Are Raving About Quiet Cool Cooling System

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With a large customer base in Southern California, the founders of quiet cool well understood the tumultuous summer heat and the ensuing demand for a cool, comfortable home during the peak summer months. While there were thousands of air conditioning and fan products already on the market, there was no product available that championed all of the major needs for a cooling mechanism. Quiet Cool was created to offer a culmination of the necessities; efficiency, simplicity, and noise reduction. The founders of Quiet Cool saw an opportunity to provide a system that would change people’s indoor living experience forever.

A factory was then built in the beautiful wine-county of Temecula, and in 2003, Quiet Cool was mass-produced, tested, and became widely available throughout the United States. This innovative open-loop whole-house ventilation system exists at a fraction of the cost of a regular air conditioning system and enjoys the perks of high-efficiency, noise dampening technology, and a simple installation process. This ventilator system actively removes stuffy, stagnant air and replaces it with fresh, cool outside air. All you have to do is open a few windows in the morning and evening, and let the system work for you! The system works by drawing fresh air up into the attic of a home by sucking it in through open windows, and simultaneously filtering out the hot, stagnant air resting within the attic. This method works exceptionally well and has surprised many with its well-designed simplicity, unnoticed presence, and inexpensive initial cost.

People from all over are raving about this product. Testimonials detail the savings on electricity bills, the newfound peace and quiet of their indoor environment, as well as sheer disbelief for the effectiveness of Quiet Cool. Within the first day of installing a Quiet Cool system, customers are absolutely amazed. While a typical home would heat up during the day, these residential homes remain cool and fresh throughout the entire day, with added benefits such as reduced air particulates and smell reduction. Below are a few spoken reviews from happy customers:

“It really helped out my allergies.”

“My daughter has some asthma problems, and since we’ve used Quiet Cool, we were able to cut back on her medications quite a bit and we notice a big difference.”

“It felt like you’re outdoors camping, but you’re inside your house.”

A traditional house fan uses a lot of unnecessary energy, racking up an over the top electric bill that pulls resources from your monthly budget, and from the environment. With the Quiet Cool system, you will see immediate results and will slash your energy bill upwards of 50%!

We love the eco-forward aspects of this product and have introduced this innovation system into our available supply. Hoping to encourage green energy usage, sustainability, and increased savings amongst our customers, A/C Control proudly offers Quiet Cool to any and all interested residences. Instantly improve your home’s indoor air quality, and ensure a healthier living environment for everyone to enjoy!

As the leading Los Angeles HVAC team, A/C Control is well known as the top heating repair company and HVAC maintenance company in the Los Angeles area. We provide top of the line service for all of our clients, no matter the project size or limitations. Take preemptive measures to combat allergy season now by scheduling a technician visit from us at A/C Control. We are more than happy to talk about your options and provide you with more information about this amazing Quiet Cool system. We provide quality at a cost that you can agree with! Visit our website for more information or call us at (310) 909-4814 to book an appointment for your commercial HVAC needs.

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