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The beautiful oceanfront of Santa Monica is renowned for many things. Locals and visitors alike are attracted to its golden sands and popular pier with its iconic carousel and ferris wheel. All of these enjoyable activities are associated with the warmth of SoCal sunshine. However, what many visitors do not realize is that because the gorgeous neighborhood of Santa Monica is located so close to the ocean, it is often hit with chilly sea-breezes and cooler temperatures. Even in the midst of summer, locals know that the evenings and mornings are especially cool, and when winter comes, temperatures can easily drop down to the high 30’s and low 40’s. To keep you and your family cozy even in the coastal climate, you will need quality Los Angeles heater installations. At A/C Control Inc, our experienced technicians can guarantee that you will always receive the highest quality of service and heating units.

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Heater Installations & Replacements

If you are moving into a new home in Los Angeles, or are simply looking to replace an older, less-efficient heating system, you may be wondering what type of heater installation you will actually need. On the market, there are just so many options that it can be overwhelming to decide which heater to choose. This is why it is so key to have a professional technician advising you, since we can accurately describe which heater will best fit your household needs and energy usage.

Some of the most common types of heaters include:

  • Furnaces – These heaters are often based on a central unit, although they can come in smaller individual units as well, and can be powered through either fuel oil, natural gas, or electricity. The unit operates by blowing warm air through ducts in your ceilings and walls. Then, the heated air is carried into rooms through grills or registers.
  • Boilers – Another common type of heater is that of a boiler. Unlike furnaces, which transport heat through the air, boilers actually distribute hot water throughout the house. When the heated water goes into radiators, the result is warm air throughout rooms. The condensed water is then recycled back to the boiler to be heated up again.
  • Heat Pumps – These handy devices are actually air conditioners that work both ways. In the summer, the heat pump operates by carrying heat away from the cooler inside of the house and depositing outside. In the winter, the same system sucks any warm air through an electrical system and deposits it inside, while transferring cold air out again.

No matter what selection of heating unit you desire, we can tailor our services to fit your needs, while simultaneously supporting you in finding a model that will completely warm your house at the lowest available cost.

Keeping Our Waters Blue & Our Earth Green

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Residents of Los Angeles are especially proud of their beautiful beaches and fully committed to preserving the environment. This is why you will love our own passion for saving our planet’s resources, using the most eco-friendly technologies and tools available on the market. Not only are our materials and equipment green, but at A/C Control Inc, we seek to offer customers only the HVAC systems that most efficiently use energy, reducing waste of our precious natural resources.

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