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While Los Angeles is the perfect place to escape to during blazing summer days, the cold damp air which blows across the ocean and slams against the mountains can make for some very chilly nights and early mornings. Because the weather is very unpredictable on the coast, it is also difficult to tell when exactly the temperature might suddenly drop. This is why you need a consistently smooth-working heater system that can keep you cozy at all times. Any malfunctions in your current unit should be addressed immediately, something that our Los Angeles heater repair specialists excel in. Let A/C Control Inc take care of all your heating repairs today, so you are never stuck in the cold.

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Comprehensive Service & Support for All Types of Heating Systems

No matter what type of heater you have, regardless of what kind of brand it is, our technicians are seasoned in fixing any type of heater. Our HVAC experts have a vast range of experience encountering every make and model of furnace or heat pump. We are absolutely confident our quality of repair service can give you guaranteed satisfaction.

Our Los Angeles heater repair services include:

  • Heat pump adjustments
  • Furnace repairs
  • Blower motor replacements
  • Fan belt replacements and fan blade repairs
  • Thermostat recalibrations

Warning Signals that Your Heater Is Failing

Eventually, even the most powerful and well-made heating systems can break down due to wear-and-tear or old age. There are often signals that your heater is in danger of failure, however. These warning signals are helpful to know, since you can take preemptive action in calling us for repairs before an emergency situation strikes.

The most common signs your heating system needs to be repaired include:

  • Decreasing amounts of heat – If the blowing air from the vents or the central unit seem to only be lukewarm, or alternate between warm and cold air, there could be a malfunction with either the heat exchanger or the burners. Alternatively, the lack of sufficient blowing air means that the filter might need to be changed.
  • Flickering burner flame or color change of gas signal – The moment you notice this warning sign, you need to open the doors and windows to let in the fresh air. This is because a flickering or changed color of burner flame (such as yellow) can indicate that poisonous carbon monoxide is being released through the vents. Immediately call one of our technicians for emergency aid.
  • Strange smells or sounds coming from the heating unit or the ducts – If you smell faint odors of burning or smoke, or even a sulfuric “rotten-egg” smell, this is a clear sign your furnace is experiencing issues. Hissing, rattling, clanking, and popping sounds that persist or repeat themselves are also warning signals as well. Do not try to solve these issues for yourself but get instant repair service from our technicians.

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Quality Craftmanship

Here at A/C Control Inc, we take absolute pride in our craftsmanship. We partner with only the top HVAC manufacturers in the industry to ensure all of our units are safe, reliable, and state-of-the-art equipment, allowing you to reap the benefits of a cost- and energy-efficient heater that is perfect for your home.

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