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At A/C Control Inc, we know that every commercial building needs a working HVAC system to optimize inside environments. While smaller buildings can typically achieve optimal temperature through minimalist A/C units, once the building reaches a certain size, it becomes much more cost-effective and beneficial to use a centralized HVAC system. These centralized systems make use of chillers, which are vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle systems.

Chillers are essentially massive air-conditioning units, but they operate slightly differently than A/C systems due to their increased size. Our team specializes in commercial chiller installation, maintenance and repair services so that you can keep your commercial or industrial property cool and comfortable all year round.

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HVAC chiller system

Benefits of an HVAC Chiller System

Water-cooled chillers use cooling towers to supply resources, while air-cooled chillers recycle existing air by blowing and moving it across the condenser, similar to an A/C unit. This effectively disperses the stagnant, unwanted heat out of the building, and into the atmosphere.

Commercial chiller systems offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced utility costs
  • Large cooling output
  • Increased longevity of your equipment
  • Flexibility
  • Environmental impact

If you are curious about how your commercial property would benefit from a chiller, or you have a chiller and need top-quality maintenance or repairs, contact A/C Control Inc today!

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